How Chicago Bulls Are Using Data Analytics For Influencing Fan Experience

The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago. Many would also recognize it from its association with Michael Jordan.

According to a post from, Chicago Bulls use data analytics to focus on three key areas of insights:

  • Fan Level Insights: The Chicago Bulls are building a robust CRM and data warehouse solution that delivers a more holistic view of our fans. The objective is to understand psychographic elements like why a person is engaging and transacting with the Bulls. Other objectives are to understand satisfaction levels and areas for improvement by capturing fan specific feedback on all elements of the fan experience
  • Transactional Insights: The Chicago Bulls team analyzes all business transactions including ticketing, concessions and merchandise, and wherever possible, tie these transactional elements back to the fan to build out a more complete customer view.
  • Digital Engagement Insights: The Chicago Bulls have a significant digital presence illustrated by the second largest social media following for any sports team in North America. They work to understand types of content fans are engaging with and how those engagements drive their fans downstream behaviors. Here as well, they make every effort to link engagements back to the fan to help their effort to further expand on their customer view.

With these insights from data and analytics initiatives, the Chicago Bulls are able to more effectively influence change across the every area in the organization that influences a fan's experience like Ticketing, Sponsorship, Digital Content, Marketing, and Concessions.