How XML Analytics is transforming Hotel Distribution business

Selling travel is more competitive today than ever before. In such times, hoteliers need to supplement their direct sales with a number of different third party channels in order to reach their target audiences across the globe. That's why building partnerships with strong distribution networks is essential for business success and the role of intermediaries such as accommodation wholesalers becomes critical. JacTravel is one such B2B Hotel Distributor having an annual group turnover in excess of £360 million and direct contractual relationships with over 14,000 independent and chain hotel partners in 800 cities globally.

Triometric on the other hand works with B2B online travel suppliers (including intermediaries such as JacTravel, hotels and airlines) to help them in their distribution strategies with a real-time platform that monitors API performance and analyses the millions of request and response messages passing through the supply chain. This gives insights into their B2B search and booking data and helps them to optimise their performance and manage their inventories.

For the travel industry, where look to book ratios continue to soar, analytics proves to be a key differentiator. Reaping insights from a million hits and a mountain of data as people browse the web for hotel rooms, flights, holidays and more, drives profitable business decisions. XML data analytics and in particular XML search and booking analysis helps JacTravel dig deep and create order out of chaos. Search and booking data is the vital ingredient travel companies should be harnessing for success. JacTravel Group uses Triometric for such analytics the video covers some of the following areas of benefits of such XML analytics:
  • New Customer /Supplier on-boarding (swiftly and error-free).
  • Long-term capacity planning and financial budgeting (growing ahead of demand)
  • XML Comparison checking between different or revised APIs (so nothing gets lost)
  • Operational performance of their web services environment
  • Inventory management so their accommodation supply keeps up with customer demand
  • Data centre migration support