How eBay is Encashing Power Of AI & Machine Learning for enhanced E-commerce Search Experience And Improved Sales

As we know eBay is a leading online marketplace, providing consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales services. It is not difficult to understand the critical role product search will play to its business. Here we discuss some use cases on how E-bay is encashing the power of machine learning for an enhanced E-commerce experience for its customers and increased downstream sales for itself.

Machine Learning for language translation during search
  • In Russia, France, Italy, and Spain, when buyers search, eBay translates their request, and responds with relevant translated inventory from other countries in other languages. 
  • eBay also leverages machine learning technology to enhance the speed, accuracy and relevance of search on the eBay platform.
  • Translating search queries helps eBay’ give its global customers a localized shopping experience. 
Machine Learning for Relevance and Prediction in Search

  • Ebay applies machine learning techniques to item-to-product matching, price prediction and item categorization tasks on eBay
  • Ebay also employs them for attribute extraction, generating the proper names of browse nodes, filtering product reviews and more.
  • Extracting semantics from item titles and descriptions using machine learning algorithms has helped eBay improve relevance in the search experiences

eBay's Best Match
The largest scale application of machine learning technology at eBay is currently Best Match, the algorithm used to optimize relevance for buyers during their shopping experiences. Best Match analyzes everything from item popularity to potential value to the buyer, to terms of service such as return policies. It is a powerful tool for surfacing deals. Shoppers want relevance, but they also want great deals, Those deals might be auctions or Buy It Now items, and might come from an individual seller or a large retailer. Balancing all these things and finding the right match is a challenging machine learning problem that is unique to eBay.

Outside search, eBay also applies statistical learning to optimize the whole page. Reacting to the users'  actions they can reorder and prioritize the content in the search page, providing search guidance or access to top deals and top products in appropriate context while minimizing distractions

Here is an interesting video which gives a deeper insight on how eBay is using AI and Machine Learning