Data Science Helping Non Profit Organization Meet Its Goals of Improved Health & Employment

A California-based nonprofit, Bayes Impact, is encashing big data analytics in the U.S. and Europe to zero-in on unemployment challenges and healthcare gaps. Here we try to understand how its doing it and what solution its proposing.

The Solution
Bayes Impact builds open source data science projects at scale. It uses algorithms to process information from millions of medical or unemployment records. Using data science, the group hopes to create a global database that identifies under-served and high-risk populations. This could allow governments, caregivers and social services to focus intervention efforts on the areas that need them most with maximum effectiveness as caregivers can zero-in on populations that are not getting access to medical or employment services.

Bayes Impact Partnership in California
In California, for example, the group has partnered with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Sutter Health to build software to predict risk of hospitalization among disadvantaged populations.
The goal is to help physicians identify patients who are not receiving follow-up care or are not accessing food, housing and employment services. Their access to food banks and housing services and employment services is really important and determines a lot about the underserved's individual healt. But it’s hard for hospitals and providers to analyze that risk.”

Bayes Impact Partnership in France
Bayes Impact also partnered with the French government to build a citizen-led digital, public employment service. The database provides millions of unemployed individuals with personalized assessments of their unemployment status, its causes and challenges, and offers strategies to improve their chances or landing a job, based on their skills.

Whats ahead
Part of the reason the group started in the U.S. and Europe is that these regions already have data-collection infrastructure in place. The important thing about the Bayes Impact's software is its scalablity - they can take the code base that they've built for the career counselor in France, change the language, make modifications, and apply that to a new geography, a new country. Baye’s Impact has long-term plans to create a global NGO that could also help developing countries. Their end goal is to be a global resource for data science and technology for countries around the world.

Here is an interesting video talking about the work of Bayes Impact