How Progressive Insurance Used Mobile App Analytics For Improved Customer Experience

This is the brief story of how at Progressive Insurance, the marketing team collected data on how mobile app users were behaving and interacting with their mobile app. As the video below would share, the marketing team discovered that these mobile customers wanted more than just helpful insurance quotes in the mobile app. From the behavioral data, it was uncovered that they wanted to buy insurance on the spot. Using the insights gathered, Progressive responded by giving them an the option to buy insurance, which subsequently improved the customer experience in a big way and delivered a big win for the company.

Apart from the overall success story, there are few key things which were quite useful from the video.

Firstly the kind of metrics used by Progressive Insurance - the login experience, billing experience, RFQ experience, customer experience related testing (a/b testing) . The focus was on analyzing customer experience and not just business performance. Needless to say, when a company creates customer value, the business benefits naturally follow.

Secondly, and the more implicit one, the ability of the organization to act on that data and get the recommendations (an entirely new buy feature in this case) implemented. Being able to break organization silos existing between analytics, technology and business is a daunting task in itself and the fact that all the departments in this case worked with trust towards each other in getting this done for the benefit of their customers and business is plausible.