Yandex IPO: Biggest Internet Company IPO Since Google

Yandex IPO Stock PerformanceRussian search engine Yandex is one of the few search engines that controls a larger share of a country's search market than Google. Yandex has a dominant share of the Russian market - about 64% of all searches done in Russia - similar to Google's dominance in the USA and most other contries. Google has about 22% of the Russian market - like Yahoo did before their partnership with Microsoft.

This Russian search engine Yandex went publicand here are some highlights on the money it made

  • On the first day the stock price for Yandex opened at $25 and closed ing at $38.84
  • The IPO gave Yandex over $1.3 billion from their IPO
  • The Russian search engine set the record for the biggest IPO for an internet company since Google who raised $1.67 billion in 2004