Amazon's Price for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Album: $ 0.99

Guess what Amazaon is doing to promote its Cloud Player... Selling the much awaited new music album from Lady Gaga - Born This Way, complete as the disc available for digital download for a mere $0.99. [Infact its even cheaper now... You can buy through the Amazon link given below for $0.69 ONLY! ]
Though deep discounts are not new for Amazon, but $0.99 is exceptionally cheap for such an immensely awaited and popular music album from Lady Gaga. In fact, in February, “Born This Way” was dubbed the fastest-selling single ever to grace Apple’s iTunes store worldwide.

Why is Amazon doing this ?
Thats because fans who drop $0.99 on Gaga’s disc will also enjoy 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage from Amazon, a clear attempt on Amazon’s part to get more users on to its Cloud Player. This will surely be a challenge for Google. Google offers users more space on its cloud-based music offering, Google Music Beta, but no digital download store.

So buy your copy today and enjoy all the benefits !