Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 15

141. Which company makes Ujala?
Ans.: Jyothi Labs

142. If you can't beat them, join them. Which clock company has decided to shift base to China so that it remains competitive?
Ans.: Ajantha Quartz

143. An Indian businessman has been named among Businessweek's top entrepreneurs for 2000. Name him.
Ans.: Sunil Mittal ( Bharti Telecom)

144. The beautiful Ekta Kapoor, daughter of film star Jeetendra, is a highly successful producer of television serials. Name her company.
Ans.: Balaji Telefilms

145. We all know what bulls and bears do. What would sheep do in the stock market?
Ans.: Follow The Leader

146. Which media group (you have to name the company, not the newspaper) has launched India's first electronic newspaper, or e-paper?
Ans.: Living Media India Ltd.

147. Nescafe has two coffee brands. One is Nescafe Classic and the other is?
Ans.: Sunrise

148. The Human Genome Project has been in the news because government agencies and private sector companies have been racing to become the first to decipher the human genome. Name the private sector company which was in this race?
Ans.: Celera Genomics

149. For which electronics brand does Rahul Dravid model?
Ans.: Thomson

150. Ceat. This tyre company gives the cricket ratings. To which group does this company belong?
Ans.: RPG Enterprises