Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 14

131. What is name of the range of bestselling digital cameras manufactured by Sony?
Ans.: Mavica

132. In UK, what brand of beer is most preffered as an accompaniment to India food?
Ans.: Cobra

133. What potent liquor, also known a 'the Green Fairy', is extracted from wormwood?
Ans.: Absinthe

134. What invention, in its early years, was described as 'the horse that never says nay'?
Ans.: Bicycle

135. Back to acronyms. What does the first three letters of 'Sun Microsystems' stand for?
Ans.: Stanford University Network

136. A Navigator could mean many things. But a company has launched a toothbrush called Navigator. Which company are we talking about?
Ans.: Colgate

137. Tata Finance has launched a credit card with a tie up with which credit card company?
Ans.: American Express

138. Kabhi Dekha Hai Aisa TV? Big Picture! Big Sound! .... Onida. Which ad agency created this award winning advertisement?
Ans.: Oglivy & Mather (O&M)

139. Which company has the advertising punchline, "The Power To Create"?
Ans.: Epson

140. The movies Mohabbatein, Raju Chacha and Mission Kashmir had breath-taking special effects. Name the company that created these effects.
Ans.:   Western Outdoor