Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 13

121. What large India retail chain proudly describes itself as 'The Family Store' in its advertisements?
Ans.: Pantaloons

122. Everyone has heard of the catchphrase "Intel Inside". But who authored a book entitled "Inside Intel"?
Ans.: Tim Jackson

123. What brand of 'cold cream', also available in India, derives its name from a latin word meaning 'snow white'?
Ans.: Nivea

124. In Mumbai's underworld slang the word 'kavva' refers to what handy communication device?
Ans.: Cellular Phone

125. With what cigarette brand (now gone up in smoke, I'm afraid), would you associate the once ubiquitous slogan "For Men of Action-- Satisfaction"?
Ans.: Scissors

126. What do you call the style of selling where the bid price goes down progressively until the deal is closed?
Ans.: Ducth Auction

127. With which Management Guru of Indian Origin would you most associate the phrase "Core Competence"?
Ans.: C. K. Prahalad

128. What is the popular (though not available in India) low calorie soft drink produced by Coca Cola, having a three letter name?
Ans.: Tab

129. What expensive and legendary brand of cars is supposedly named after the founder of Dertroit - the car manufacturing capital of the world?
Ans.: Cadillac

130. Which company started by Jim Clark has its headquarters at 'Mountain View'?
Ans.: Netscape