Top Indian Online Advertising Networks

Online advertising networks ( Commonly referred to as ad networks ) are organizations which provide the service of connecting online advertisers to websites / online publishers. Whereas this helps the the advertisers market their brand on different relevant websites, it enables websites / online publishers monetize their websites. The key function of an ad network here is aggregation of ad space supply from websites / online publishers and matching it with online advertiser demand.

Some of the top Indian Online Advertising networks are listed below for the purpose of both online advertisers and online publishers / website owners

  • Google Adwords / Adsense
    • Type of Adverising: CPC Advertising
  • Komli / Pubmatic
    • Focuses on both International as well as Indian online publishers having an Indian audience
    • Type of advertising: CPM adverising , Online Performance based advertising .
  • Tyroo
    • Funded by Yahoo! India, this ad network claims more than 2.5 billion high quality online ad impressions served per month.
    • Type of advertising: CPM adverising
  • dgm India
    • This online ad network is the subsidiary of Deal Group Media, DGM India
    • Type of advertising: CPA advertising, CPC advertising.
  • Ozone Media
    • This online advertising network claims to have has more than 100 websites in its network over 40 clients like HSBC, SBI, Yahoo!, Lenovo, Cleartrip and Citibank spread across different verticals.
    • Type of advertising: Cost-per-Mile (CPM) advertising, Cost-per-Click (CPC) advertising and Cost-per-Lead (CPL) advertising
  • Networkplay
    • Launched in late 2008, claims to be catering over 200 brands and having exclusive arrangements with leading publishers including LinkedIn and several transactional publishers .
  • Paypod
    • Online advertising network by PayPod Technologies, a US-based IT solutions provider with offshore development facilities in Chennai and Minsk, Belarus
    • Type of advertising : CPC advertising, CPM advertising and CPA advertising.
  • IndiAds
    • Targeted towards the Indian and South Asian online community – delivers 800 million ads per month to Indians and South-Asians living in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • AdsforIndians 
    • Claims to be the only Indian ad network, which has the advanced technology to syndicate the text ads with pictures as well as banner ads. .
  • Axill (Social Media Exchange)
    • Part of SMX, a media company offering flat CPMs as well as revenue sharing.
    • Type of advertising: CPM advertising, CPA advertising
  • Integrid
    • Delivers integrated media solutions, allowing advertisers a single point for all their media advertising requirements (online advertising / Television advertising / Out Of Home Adverising)
    • Type of online adverising: CPM advertising
  • AdMagnet
    • Part of Interactive Avenues Marketing Solutions. AdMagnet offers Media (planning and buying), Campaign Management, Search (SEM and SEO), Web Design & Creatives, and Interactive Marketing.
  • AdChakra
    • Provides display targeted advertising across branded and quality vertical and regional sites in India and abroad
    • Type of advertising: CPM adverising.
  • Tonictag
    • Helps advertisers reach out to Resident Indian (RI) as well as Non Resident Indian audiences (NRI) worldwide.
    • Type of advertising: CPM adverising, Performance based advertising.
  • Rupizads
    • Claims inventory of 7.2 billions impressions per month across 28 of highly-popular web properties.
    • Type of advertising: Pay-per-performance advertising
Publishers with own ad networks

  • Guruji
  • ibibo
  • Reliance.

Regional Online Advertising Networks

  • Sulekha
  • Google with it’s adwords/adsense offering.

Other International Ad Networks

  • TribalFusion
  • FoxNetworks, News corp’s ad network.