Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 12

111. Tidel Park, yet another of those prestigious complexes housing software firms, is associated with which city?
Ans.: Chennai

112. What invention was called the Lover's Telegraph" when first exhibited in Philadelphia, 1876?
Ans.: Telephone

113. What now universally popular food item was called "Food of the Gods", by Linnaeus the eminent naturalist of the nineteenth century?
Ans.: Chocolate

114. Which aircraft manufactures the A3XX superjumbo, slated to be the biggest civilian aircraft?
Ans.: Airbus Industry

115. What international brand of shirts, marketed in India too, is observing 150 years of existence?
Ans.: Arrow

116. The Dynatac made in the1970's was the first of its kind. What is this product which became extremely visible in India only in the mid 90's?
Ans.: Mobile (Cell) Phone

117. What was the epoch-making book written in the 60's by Rachel Carson, which awakened the world to the dangers of environmental pollution but incurred the wrath of industrial giants like Dupont?
Ans.: The Silent Spring

118. What car being sold in India celebrated its first birthday recently with a birthday song sung especially for it by Shankar (Breathless) Mahadevan?
Ans.: Ford Ikon

119. What hard liquor traditionally made from potatoes, literally means 'Little Water' in the native tongue?
Ans.: Vodka

120. What French sports fashion house has begun to sell India inspired knitwear kurta-pajamas successfully?
Ans.: Lacoste