Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 11

101. In what make of car did the couple from Calcutta, MS Choudhary and his wife Neena, achieve the record for first circumnavigation of the world?
Ans.: Contessa Classic

102.What international brand of cigarette is named after a ritzy street in London?
Ans.: Pall Mall

103.Which is the biggest Petroleum Company in the world?
Ans.: Shell

104. Nazomi 503, is the fastest of its kind in the world. What is it?
Ans.: Train

105. Dhunji Rana was the model for what enduring and macho icon in Indian advertising?
Ans.: Zodiac Man

106. Who is the hotshot executive of Indian origin with PepsiCo, who appears in the Fortunes list of 50 most powerful women in corporate America?
Ans.: Indra Nooyi

107. What is the prized sports drink in the Quaker Oat's portfolio which makes merger with it so desirable to suitors like Coke, Pepsi or Danone?
Ans.: Gatorade

108. What is the Danish Electronics Company famed for producing 'haute couture' stuff in areas like Stereos, Televisions and Telephones?
Ans.: Bang & Oluffsan

109. What internationally famous brand of shoes is named whimsically after a rural American dish made from corn, fed to pet dogs?
Ans.: Hush Puppies

110. "Beeps" and "Peeps' were the experimental prototypes of what legendary hard terrain vehicle?
Ans.: Jeep