Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 10

91. Which mobile phone manufacturer is popularizing mobile-telephone etiquette with its 'mobile manners' campaign?
Ans.: Nokia

92. Which Indian TV channel owned the transmission rights for the 50th Miss World contest held in the Millennium Dome in London?
Ans.: Zee

93. Bajaj auto is setting up a two wheeler assembly line in which South American country?
Ans.: Brazil

94.Merino, one of the finest types of wool, is associated with which country?
Ans.: Australia

95. In the heyday of nationalization, which PSU emerged from the amalgamation of ESSO and Caltex?
Ans.: Hindustan Petroleum

96. What biscuit in McVittie's range was originally developed by Sir Alexander Grant in the 1890's?
Ans.: Digestive

97. In the world of TV transmission technology, what does the much-talked about acronym DTH stand for?
Ans.: Direct to Home

98.With what product would you associate the well-known designs such as 'American Tank' and 'Tank Francaise'?
Ans.: Watches

99.Which Indian packaging company has taken over a firm called 'Propack' in China?
Ans.: Essel

100.What is the internationally known brand of ice-cream co- promoted by an ex-hippie named Ben Cohen?
Ans.: Ben & Jerry