Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 9

81. What is the name of the alliance formed by airlines such as Delta, Air France, Aero Mexico and Korean Air?
Ans.:  Sky Team

82. Which Budapest-born American CEO's biography is entitled "Swimming Across"?
Ans.:  Andy Grove

83. Who is the 'person of Indian origin' who was hailed by the online magazine 'Valley Talk' as "the most successful Venture Capitalist of all time"?
Ans.:  Vinod Koshla

84. Consequent upon a long drawn out family feud, what is the new name assumed by Andersen Consulting?
Ans.:  Accenture

85. Italy's Monte Paschi di Seine, established in 1472, has the distinction of being the oldest of its kind. What is it?
Ans.:  Bank

86. Which advertising legend is supposed to have advised, "If you have nothing to say, sing it!"
Ans.:  David Ogilvy

87. Hans Wilsdorf, a German who set up his business in Switzerland, and later moved to London became the founder of which famous brand of watches?
Ans.:  Rolex

88. Touted as one of the most useful inventions of this century, it was invented by George Mestral after he noticed burr sticking to his clothes on his return from a walk in the woods. What is it?
Ans.:  Velcro

89. What is the 'highest scoring partnership' in cricket, which became a world famous brand of cigarettes?
Ans.:  555

90. Unit Trust's recent intention of terminating what scheme has caused public outcry and a lot of litigation?
Ans.: Rajyalakshmi