Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 8

71. Arun Bajoria's takeover threat was targeted at which company?
Ans.:  Bombay Dyeing
72. Which Bank has launched the "India Millennium Deposits" to mobilize resources of  NRI & rsquos?
Ans.:  State Bank of India
73. The quality enforcing technique of 'Six Sigma' was first introduced by which American company?
Ans.:  Motorola
74. Which airline uses the slogan "Be Good to Yourself" in its ads?
Ans.:  The Emirates
75. What is the expensive delicacy obtained from the fish sturgeon especially found in the Caspian Sea?
Ans.:  Caviar
76. What is the name of the new generation fuel cell car recently developed by GM?
Ans.:  Hydrogen

77. Which large chaebol, now in dire straits, was started by five friends in 1979 to manufacture and export garments?
Ans.:  Daewoo

78. Which Dutch brewery is ranked as the biggest producer of beer in Europe?
Ans.:  Heinneken

79. What prized and exclusive cars are manufactured in Malvern Link, North west of London?
Ans.:  Morgan

80. In collaboration which Bollywood star is 'Emami' proposing to launch a range of Ayurvedic personal care products?
Ans.:  Madhuri Dixit