Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 6

51. Which Indian confectioneries brand and Times Warner are involved in a legal wrangle over the 'Bunny' logo?
Ans.:  Nutrine
52. What is the consulting firm recently acquired by the electronics giant Hewlett-Packard?
Ans.: Pricewaterhouse Coopers
53. What pharma company markets the 'Ayurvedic Concepts' range of health products?
Ans.:  Himalaya Drugs Company
54. What Hyderabad based company has been contracted by Cantor Index plc to supply giant- sized, inflatable images of the latest contenders to American Presidency-Bush and Gore?
Ans.:  Unique Inflatables
55. What internationally famous sports apparel company was started in the 1930's by a champion tennis-player of France?
Ans.:  Locaste
56. Prime Minister AB Vajpayee under went knee surgery in which Mumbai hospital?
Ans.:  Breach Candy
57. According to 'BBC's Moneytalk' which German brand is ranked No. 1 amongst car audio products?
Ans.:  Blaupunkt
58. Who was chosen to be the first and only recipient in India of the choicest, limited edition champagne 'Espirit du Siecle'?
Ans.:  Pronnay Roy
59. Which Hollywood star and brand ambassador of Omega watches was recently in India to meet the Dalai Lama?
Ans.:  Pierce Brosnan
60. What tourist attraction in London, designed by Sir Richard Rogers especially for the millennium, is in grave financial crisis because of its failure to attract enough visitors?
Ans.:  Millenium Dome