Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 5

41. Which newspaper baron started his career by launching the "Adelaide Herald" when he was just 23years old?
Ans.:  Rupert Murdoch
42. The Hollywood horror flick "Crocodile 2 – Death Roll" was recently shot in which film studio in India?
Ans.:  Ramoji Film City
43. ‘The Striding Man’ is the logo of which best selling brand of scotch whiskey?
Ans.:  Jhony Walker
44. In his recent visit to New Delhi, in which 5 star Hotel did Bill Gates stay?
Ans.:  Maurya Sheratan
45. What automobile, still seen on the roads with minor variations, did Ferdinand Porsche develop under the behest of Adolf Hitler?
Ans.:  VolkWaggen
46. Mumbai-born Fareed Zackaria has been appointed the editor of which international newsmagazine?
Ans.: NewsWeek
47. Which textile company of India is head quartered at "Neville House"?
Ans.:  Bombay Dyeing
48. What useful and innovative computer accessory did Douglas Engelbert invent in 1968?
Ans.: The Mouse
49. At long last the Department of Telecommunications (DoT, for short) has been transformed in to a corporation. What is its name in its new avatar?
Ans.:  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
50. What ingredient of chewing gum comes from the South American sapodilla tree?
Ans.:  Chicle