Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 4

31. Lord Raj Kumar Bagri is the first non-Briton Chairman of what mercantile organization
Ans.: London Metal Exchange
32. You’ve heard of BSA motorcycles and surely seen BSA bicycles on Indian roads. What does BSA stand for?
Ans.: Birmingham Small Arms
33. What brand of Firestone tyres is creating an uproar in the USA, for causing many fatalities on the highway because of a manufacturing defect?
Ans.:  Wilderness
34. He appears in a series of books which made publishing history, and he is the most famous pupil of the "Hogwart’s Witchcraft School". Who is this fictional character?
Ans.:  Harry Potter
35. To which fashion house did the minister Menaka Gandhi address her remark, "The skin of the python is no less precious to the snake than fur is to the fox"?
Ans.:  Calvin Klein
36. The ‘Calatrava Cross’ is the emblem of which coveted brand of Swiss watch?
Ans.:   Patek Phillippe
37. What famous sports goods company did Phil Knight and Bill Boweman launch in 1964?
Ans.: Nike
38. Which Indian textile brand proudly proclaims "Since 1925"in its advertisements?
Ans.:  Raymonds
39. Which famous hospital chain of India sells an accident insurance cover called "Dost’?
Ans.:  Apollo
40. What product is associated with the Colombian mascot "Juan Valdez"?
Ans.: Coffee