Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 2

11. Which is the largest ‘unlisted’ company in India in terms of turnover?
Ans.: Maruti Udyog
12. What watchmaker sells an environment-friendly brand of watches called "Eco Drive"?
Ans.: Ciitizen
13. The useful thumb rule in Economics, "Bad money drives out the good" goes by what name?
Ans.: Greshams Law
14. What is film Production Company owned by the Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman?
Ans.: Punch Productions
15.What famous place in New York gets its name from the original location of a stockade built by the Dutch in 1653 to keep out the attacking English colonists and Red Indians?
Ans.: Wall Street
16. Which famous TV personality owns a film production company called Harpo Films? Look hard at the name, may be you can decipher the answer.
Ans.: Oprah Winfrey
17. The person next-in-command to the CEO is often referred to as the ‘Upper Roger’. From what Indian (Sanskrit) word does this phrase come?
Ans.: Yuwa Raja
18. Some aeroplanes of which airline sported Meera Mehta’s "Paithan Sari Motif"on their tails for sometime?
Ans.: British Airways
19. Who or what is a MAMBA?
Ans.: Middle Aged MiddleBrow Achiever
20. Under what brand name is the compound "sidenafil citrate’ sold by the pharma company, Pfizer?
Ans.: Viagra