Business Quiz Questions Answers - 2010-2011 - 1

1. K Malleswari, the lone medal winner for India in the millenium Olympics, and the first woman from India to ever win a medal, is employed at which Central Government Corporation?
Ans.: Food Corporation of India
2. First there was Bridgestone, and then Mitsubishi; What giant automaker of Japan was embroiled, recently, in a quality-related (again!) controversy?
Ans.: Toyota
3. The Times of India launched its latest edition in which city?
Ans.: Hyderabad
4. Which famous fashion accessories House first started as leather goods shop in Florence in 1921?
Ans.: Gucci
5. Uncle Pai is associated with which once roaringly successful publishers of children’s literature?
Ans.:   Amar Chitra Katha
6. Which international airline uses the slogan "Smooth As Silk" in its advertisements?
Ans.: Thai
7. Which TV programme currently aired in India, is sponsored by a) Colgate b) Bajaj c) Dettol and d) LG?
Ans.:   Kaun Banega Crorepati
8. Who are the maker of the soft contact lens "Accuvue"?
Ans.: Johnson & Johnson
9. Named "Manager of the Century" by the business magazine ‘Fortune’, he was recently in India? Who is he?
Ans.: Jack Welch
10. The "Three Golden Balls" is the traditional symbol of which class of businessmen, especially in Europe?
Ans.: Pawnbrokers