Ambush Marketing - Hijacking / Sabotaging Competitor campaigns

First, Procter & Gamble brand Pantene's extensive teaser campaign, claiming to be the leader in its space, launched an outdoor campaign that said, 'A Mystery Shampoo 80 per cent women say is better than anything else'.

Competing Hindustan Unilever shampoo brand, Dove seized the opportunity, with massive hoardings of its own claiming, 'There is no mystery; Dove is the No. 1 shampoo'. Often, one found these hoardings strategically placed near Pantene's 'mystery shampoo' ones. 

Some call it campaign sabotage or hijack; academicians feel it is a form of guerilla marketing; while marketing consultants prefer the term 'ambush marketing'.

Other examples:

  • Airtel digital TV 'red couch' teasers on television sabotaged by Reliance's Big TV commercials.
  • Jet Airways hoarding announcing its changed avatar sabotaged by Kingfisher by putting a hoarding above that declaring, 'We made them change'.
  • Nescafé launching its granulated coffee a week before Bru, sabotaging the latter's entire sets of creatives