MBA GK Quiz with answers

Which of the following awards is instituted by the UNESCO ?
(A) Nehru Award for International Under-standing
(B) Kalinga Prize
(C) Arjuna Award
(D) Dronacharya Award
Ans : (B)

Vitamin ‘A’ is necessary in our body for :
(A) Prevention of blood clotting
(B) Haemoglobin synthesis
(C) Proper vision
(D) Improving digestion
Ans : (C)

From which of the following ores can iron be extracted ?
(A) Galena
(B) Cryolite
(C) Magnetite
(D) Cinnabar
Ans : (C)

Whose signature is found on one rupee note in India ?
(A) Governor, Reserve Bank of India
(B) Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance Government of India
(C) Finance Minister, Govt. of India
(D) President of India
Ans : (B)