Social CRM - Definition, Framework, Process

“Social CRM is the tools and processes that encourage better, more effective customer interaction and leverage the collective intelligence of the broader customer community with the intended result of increasing intimacy between an organization and its prospects and customers. The goal is to make the relationship with the customer more intimate and tied to the company by building a public ecosystem to better understand what they want and how they interact with the various company touchpoints like sales, customer service etc…”
At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you call Social CRM or how you define it, as long as you understand it and know how to apply it to your organization. It’s all about the execution. At Attensity, for example, we developed the “LARA” framework, which addresses the end-to-end process of Social CRM:
  • Listen to customer conversations
  • Analyze those conversations
  • Relate this information to existing information within your enterprise
  • Act on those customer conversations
Jacob Morgan of Chess Media has developed this pretty comprehensive diagram that I like to refer to:

Social CRM Diagram