With the Festive Spirit

Written by : Nithin Narayanan

The festival season is round the corner and like every household, shops owners are also re-decorating their stores to showcase the festive spirit. In India 75% of sales is done during the festival period. The festival time is usually the time when people purchase the new items. It is very important to for the retailer to attract the customer not only through new stocks but also with the visual appeal.

Like in every brand communication, EQ (EMOTIONAL QUATIENT) plays an important role even here. It is during the festival season that the retailer can connect with the customer in a more personalized way.

The trend nowdays is to is to have added services which supplements the merchandise, so that customers have an option to have a number of facilities under one roof which otherwise is not available. This kind of an initiative from the retailer gives the impression that the retailer is sync with the festive spirit.

Adequate precaution and care should be taken to display and present new and delicate merchandise as large number of footfalls can take the focus out the goal. Many retailers assume that during the festival season, customers would pour in, without an initiative from the retailer's side.

New merchandise should also be with the festive spirit. The Ensembles in the store as well as the display mannequins should present new merchandise
depicting the festival mood. If the communication of the brand is right, it would definitely bring the customers in.

So as always keep the festive spirits high and happy retailing.