Point of Sale

Written by: Nithin Narayanan

Point of sale is the area where actual transaction is completed. These displays add to the store décor and serves a substantial promotional role. Most retailer use an assortment of display to highlight the point of sale.

An assortment display is the display in which the retailer exhibits a wide range of merchandise for the customer. With an open assortment, the customer is encouraged to try out new products while shopping for the usual ones. Recently stores have started to sell items in open bulk displays. It was a norm in factory outlets but now branded stores have also followed the suite, but in terms of small merchandise category.

Theme display on the other hand positions a product offering in a thematic environment. a theme is a specific environment to trigger a specific emotion. Incorporation of Tri-Colour on Independence Day, use of Red Colour during Christmas season and so on.

Another kind is the Ensemble Display. This kind of display has become very popular these days.
Instead of grouping and displaying merchandise in categories such as Shoe Department, Sports Gears, Trousers and so on complete ensembles are displayed.
This is more comfortable for the customer as they can envision an entire outfit.

Next is the Rack Displays. These racks have a primary used to neatly hang and present the products. Case Displays are employed to exhibit heavier and bulkier items. Combinations of these two displays are also used to maximize shelf space.

All in all the idea is to utilize maximum space inside the store and also to present the products in a pragmatic and convenient manner to the customer.