Colour Theory


The role that color plays in an interior store setting is much more than simply providing something pleasant for the shopper to see. While everyone has a favorite color, it is important to understand the rationale behind color choices. The right color choice can immediately create a mood and reflect the image you are trying to establish. Listed below are color choices and the silent messages they send:

White: Cold, sterile and by itself does not enhance either the image or the product displayed. When combined with another color it can create a striking balance to a color scheme.

Combined with yellow- cheerful and vibrant
Combined with blue -Crisp, cool and a great choice for resort merchandise
Combined with tan - subdued and elegant
Combined with black - rich and sophistication

Black: depressing by nature, it can create a gallery effect and feel. Great when used inside a cooler with halogen lighting or in backdrops that are spotlighted.

Red: Exciting color that is aggressive and warm. Can be used as an accent color on a wall and relays a sense of urgency. Best used for boutique or theme shop or as a seasonal color selection.

Orange: This warm earthy color would be perfect for a shop sporting a natural environmentally friendly image and product. In softer shades of salmon would work well for most retails shops and neutral in nature.

Green: Color of the month & my personal favorite (not only because it is the color of money). It is an excellent choice for a restful setting and highlights all floral in a harmonious color palette

Blue: The color preferred by most people it could be a soothing backdrop to most merchandise.

Purple: A dramatic color choice in its darkest hue and sweet and sometimes neutral in its lighter shade of lavender. Excellent when combined with blue to create a gray-blue-lavender.

Contributed by: Nithin Narayanan