International business quiz - continued

6. In __________ the common issue of interest between members is physical place.
 a) Geographical communities
 b) Demographical communities
 c) Subject-oriented communities
 d) Function-oriented communities

Ans: " Geographical communities "

7. ___________ refers to the total market demand under optimal conditions.
 a) Market share
 b) Market value
 c) Market performance
 d) Product potential

Ans: " Market share "

8. __________ usually sticks to a brand or product but buys other brands at times.
 a) Hard-core loyal
 b) Switchers
 c) Soft-core loyal
 d) Both a and c

Ans: " Soft-core loyal "

9. Which of the following is usually adopted by an organization, if its international transactions have increased to a point where it cannot handle them efficiently?

 a) International division structure
 b) Regional management centers
 c) Geographical structures
 d) Product division structures

Ans: " International division structure "

10. Which of the following is not a source of secondary data?
 a) Government/official sources
 b) Published data of international organizations
 c) Trade journals
 d) Data obtained through surveys

Ans: " Data obtained through surveys "