How 3G benefits Consumers and Operators

Users demand better and faster services, and as they start using high-end phones, they want more information, faster data access and multimedia services through their mobile phones. Only 3G technology provides this.
What 3G technology actually means?
  • 3G is short for third-generation mobile telephony services.
  • 3G phones work in higher bandwidths of 15-20 MHz. Currently, mobile phones work on 2G or 2.5G, and use 30-200 KHz bandwidth. Bandwidth is a measure of the width of a range of frequencies used while transferring data from one point to another and is measured in hertz.

How 3G technology will benefit consumers?

  • 3G technology and services enable video broadcast and data-intensive services such as stock transactions, e-learning and telemedicine through wireless communications
  • Packet-based data provides several advantages over the existing circuit-switched techniques used for carrying mobile voice, like a) Higher call volumes b) Support for multimedia data applications, such as video and photography.
  • With 3G you are constantly online and only pay for the information you receive.
How 3G technology will benefit operators?
All telecom operators are waiting to launch 3G in India to cash in on revenues by providing high-end services to customers, which are voice data and video enabled.
- Contributed by Vaibhav Agarwal