Human Resource Management In Retail

Written by: Nithin Narayanan

A retail firm would want to structure and assign task, policies and resources in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the firms target market, employees and management. Now retail organizations have prioritized retention and growth of employees within the organization due to high attrition and demand for skilled work force. There are a few steps that form the core of HR Practice in retail.

Outline the specific tasks among channel members and customers.

Grouping the tasks into jobs.

Classifying the jobs.

Finally integrating the position in the organizational charts.

The Specific tasks mentioned above deals with a number of activities which a retail firm undertakes such as setting prices shipping merchandise, logistics, research, marketing, customer interaction, sales, follow up services .according to the needs these tasks may be outsourced or divided among the retailer, manufacturer middle men and so on.

After the retailer determines the tasks which it would perform, they are grouped into jobs such as sales persons, cashier, merchandisers, display personnel, store managers and marketing executives. Each organization has a different structure and culture hence the certain jobs could be clubbed as on. For example the merchandise department would deal with display as well as procurement.

Retail jobs can be categorized by function, product, geographic or a combination classification.

Human Resource Management in retailing is composed of several integrated factors such as recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and supervision

In the retail sector there could be some difference in HR practices due to long hours of work, pool of inexperienced workers, variation in customer demand, and location of the store.

One striking feature of personnel management in India is that the personnel are not given importance as this very sector is at the developing stage. Hence retailers give less importance to In-Store Executives and also their training which is imparted by the experienced staff is inadequate.

One must understand along with a good d├ęcor and environment, services are also important to make a mark in the customers mind. Hence Quality of the services and how these services are provided to the customer becomes significant in our present times.