Exclusivity-Catch 22 Situation

Written by: Nithin Narayanan

Due to advancement of technology and rising disposable income, people are traveling far and wide.  It is but natural that tourists shop while visiting places. Therefore in the globalised retail economy and with the internet, it is practically easy to get hold of what one wants, whether it is a Gucci or a Gap. There are no items that are not available across categories in the shopping malls or online.

While this has created comfort for the shopper, it has also created a sense of herd mentality and the want for something rare or Out of the Box items is increasing among people. In other words the Era of Me Too product is slowly coming to an end. This kind of trend created a sense of balance and equality that say a Gap trouser sold in US can be purchased here in India too or a Mac Burger tastes identical in New York and New Delhi. But all this created a reverse trend.

For Example, the Japanese brand Plus –Minus- Zero has one shop in Tokyo. Some of its 

Fast selling items like calculator and a torch can be brought in select stores across the world. But for the entire range one has to come to the store in Tokyo.

One would argue that it is due to small scale of operations or difficulty in logistics and cost and not  a creative Marketing strategy of the firm, but at the end of the day these products have received increased attention whatever the case maybe.

All stores do not have this kind of brand perception but still they want the customer to feel that they are owners of something rare. Adverts stating rare preparations or age –old customs make us feel nostalgic about the brand.

The idea behind this is that Exclusivity generates buzz. Exclusivity can attract customers. It is based on the basic human need to own what is hard to get. Bulgari for instance tried something on these lines with the Bulgari Carbon Gold Watch with White, Yellow and Pink gold Dials. These variations were sold in different cities.

Global going local will pave way to more localized or individualized products which cater to a particular section or community as people do not want to get associated with the world as a whole but do want to be with  people with similar interests.