The Art Mall

Written by: Nithin Narayanan

Art is the most interesting commodity in the market today. Every one now is talking about Brazil, Russia, India, China which are all emerging art market these are giving competition to traditional art markets like New York and London.

Making an entry into this dynamic field is not easy. For starters development on the net, emerging economies Art fairs and auction houses are some of the sources to scout for the next big thing. The globalized art market requires fairs. A fair is extremely convenient an it is a One- Stop- shop for collectors. Because of the need for the fairs, new places have come into the scene like Dubai, MexicoVienna. and

Also the internet has revolutionized the art world. Online forums for artists to display their collection are very popular these days. Websites like are one of the prominent players. Buying art directly off the websites is dicey as it may not be in a good condition. It is only advisable if one is looking for something in the lower end of the market.

India is considered as the next big thing for art enthusiastics. A few years back only NRI or Indian expats were the only ones to buy work of Indian artists. Even here in New Delhi there is an Art Mall which caters to young artists to exhibit their work. This kind of place not only provides an impetus for budding artists but also a great place for art lovers.