More business quiz question answers

6). His first book, "The End of the Economic Man" was published in 1939.
 a) Peter Drucker
 b) F.W. Taylor
 c) Michael Porter
 d) Philip Crosby
Ans: Drucker is considered as the guru among all management gurus.
7). At 16, he went to work as an engineer for James Flower & Co. in Detroit.
 a) Alfred Sloan
 b) Walter Chrysler
 c) Henry Ford
 d) Lee Iacocca
Ans: Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Co.
8). In 1976, she took a job with WJZ-TV as news co-anchor.
 a) Whoopi Goldberg
 b) Oprah Winfrey
 c) Anita Roddick
 d) Janet Jackson
Ans: Oprah Winfrey acclaimed talk show host of The Oprah Winfrey Show
9). Though he was the heir to his family's rice wine brewing business, he decided to pursue his interest in consumer electronics and was the co-founder of the Tokyo Tshushin Kyogu company.
 a) Eiji Toyoda
 b) Akiro Kurusawa
 c) Taichi Ohno
 d) Akio Morita
Ans: Akio Morita of Sony Corporation
10). At school, he used to write computer programs for the school library to print out catalogue cards.
 a) Scott McNealy
 b) Pierre Omidyar
 c) Jay Walker
 d) Sergey Brin
Ans: Pierre Omidyar of eBay
- Contributed by Vaibhav Agarwal