Business general knowledge questions

1) This company was called Lutsuko and later changed its name to something that literally means 'to lose money'. Which one?
a) L' Oreal
b) Sony
c) Matsushita
d) Honda

2) Which car in Spanish means 'Charming'?
a) Matiz
b) Santro
c) Ikon
d) Corsa

3) Which international brand had an ad campaign - 'Tomorrow is mine' and had signed Rahul Dravid for the campaign?
a) Reebok
b) Nike
c) Pepsi
d) Puma
4) This organisation has 1356 members and has the ad-line "the world put stock on us". Which organisation?
b) LSE
d) BSE
5) Of whom did Shahrukh Khan once say that 'our figures are similar'?
a) Pierce Brosnan
b) Roger Moore
c) Sean Connery
d) Cindy Crawford

Answer key:
1) (B) Sony, it's name was a tongue twister to many and had to be ultimately changed.
2) (A) Matiz
3)(A) Reebok
4)(C) NYSE
5)(D) Cindy Crawford, in fact, both Pierce Brosnan and Cindy Crawford model for Omega watches.

- Contributed by Vaibhav Agarwal