The business of 3M

The company operates through six business divisions: health care; industrial and transportation;display and graphics; consumer and office; electro and communications; and safety, security, and protection services.

The health care division serves the medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, dental and orthodontic, health information systems, and personal care markets. The division offers products such as medical and surgical supplies; skin health and infection prevention products; pharmaceuticals; drug delivery systems; dental and orthodontic products; health information systems; microbiology products; and closures for disposable diapers.

The industrial and transportation division serves a broad range of industrial markets, including appliance; automotive; automotive aftermarket; marine; aerospace and specialty vehicle markets;electronics; paper and packaging; and food and beverage. The division offers products such as tapes; coated and non woven abrasives; adhesives; specialty materials; supply chain execution software solutions; and components and products used in the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of automotive, marine, aircraft, and specialty vehicles. The transportation products include insulation component, catalytic converters, functional and decorative graphics, abrasion resistant films and fasteners. Its brands include Scotch Masking Tape,Scotch Filament Tape, and Scotch Packaging Tape.

The display and graphics division serves markets such as electronic display, touch screen, traffic safety, and commercial graphics. The optical film business, a sub-segment of the display and graphics division provides films that serve various market segments of the display lighting industry. The display and graphics division provides products for five market segments, including liquid crystal display (LCD) computer monitors; LCD televisions; handheld devices such as cellular phones; notebook personnel computers (PC); and automotive displays. Additional optical products include touch screens, touch monitors, and lens systems for projection televisions. In traffic safety systems, the division provides reflective sheetings used on highway signs, vehicle license plates, construction work zone devices, trucks and other vehicles, and pavement marking systems. The commercial
graphic product segment includes equipment, films, inks, and related products used to produce graphics for vehicles and signs.

- Contributed by Vaibhav Agarwal