Films and Retail

Written by:Nithin Narayanan

Retail here in India is going through tremendous changes. As any where in the world fashion is an important part in this industry. Demand for swanky clothes and accessories are on the rise and to cater to this demand. This fashionable attitude has given birth to high end fashion retail.

Film is the first medium where latest trends are experimented on protagonists and this later paves way for a particular trend to set in within the society Every teenager wants to look like the actors in these films. This is exactly the need which is satisfied by the fashion retailers and designers. Films like Om Shanti Om, Kkrish have all have entered retail market. Now one can adorn attires based on the film and also buy the merchandise which acts as movie memorabilia for millions of fans across the country.

Designers like Manish Malhotra , Ritu kumar etc. have all made their mark in the film industry. Designers not only design costumes for movies, but also tie up with retail chains to market the trend. This serves two purposes. One it markets the film and the second promotes the look or the fashion in that film. This kind of promotion is supported with events like fashion shows which market the new trends in fashion. Today's fashionable crowd does not mind spending more as long as they are in sync with the current trend and also enhance their fashion quotient. 

With luxury retailing poised to grow further, a marriage between retail and films will take the industry to a whole new level in the coming years.