Product Promotion

Written by: Nithin Narayanan

 I have earlier written about Visual Merchandising which is facet of product promotion. Promotion is an element of the marketing mix. The word promotion is popularly defined as 'an effort to further the sales by means of advertising, publicity, events and display'.

 Advertising- There are two types of store advertisements.

Brand Advertisement- This kind of advert gives significance to the image of the brand. It draws attention to the store rather than a particular product.

Merchandise Advertisement--This aims at selling specific product highlighting, at times its features or benefits.

Publicity- The idea behind publicity is to bring their brand or product out in the open to wet the appetite of the customers. Publicity helps in promoting sales by popularizing a style.

Special Events- Events are organized to bring potential as well as prospective customers together to the store or event or exhibition to create goodwill. Some other events include anniversary celebration invite regular customers. Advertisement in media is also given so that more people visit the special events.

Visual Presentation- This deals with In-Store Communication dealing with displays and Window Dressing. Proper planning goes into implementing effective display.

Direct Selling-Direct Selling is often used to promote FMCG products by way of door-to -door selling or by group selling at public places .Multi Layer Marketing is also a kind of Direct selling. Amway is a good example of MLM.

These were some of the mediums which brands employ to promote their merchandise. New media in terms of internet, gamming and films are also proving to be effective mediums of promotion.  In the coming years, these mediums would be used more often than the traditional mediums.