The Art of Displaying

Written by:Nithin Narayanan

The word Display means 'to put out to be seen or to exhibit'. Exhibiting is indeed an art. But in retail as it is a commercial space, it should be profitable also. The process of display has been in vogue for quite some time now. At the first glance, display seems an easy task to handle but on a pragmatic level it is difficult to execute.

A prominent part of display is Fixtures. There are various types of fixtures available. Also fixtures can be custom made if the fixture doesn't suit the needs of the retailer. Broadly fixtures can be categorized into the following-

Slat Wall

Grid Wall

Counter Displays.



End caps.

There are newer kinds of fixtures in the market. Choosing the right kind of fixtures could be a daunting task. These fixtures play an important role in the interior as well as the theme of the store. Fixtures now can be adjusted according to the requirements, thus creating flexibility in showcasing the merchandise.

But flexibility does not ensure that all kind of fixtures are suitable for various types of stores. For instance, a jewelers store may employ Acrylic and mirror displays to enhance the glossy look of the products and the whole feel of the store.

The materials used are also important as durability and maintenance is crucial for retailers. Newer fixtures are light weight, transportable, easy to handle which makes them popular choices. Fixtures made up by metal are used now days. Metal fixtures are fast replacing conventional fixtures made of wood. Various kinds of finishes are also available which could be applied to either wood or metal.

With the constantly evolving designs and wide range of fixtures, retailers have a myriad of choices. Retailers must focus on their needs such as cost, format, merchandise type, maintenance, and materials.  One last thing that is significant while choosing fixtures is that the fixture should not be more attractive than the showcased product. It is a 'means to an end not an end in itself'.