Written by:Nithin Narayanan

In marketing there is a never ending search for new mediums to sell merchandise and services. Generally marketers follow the tried and tested principles over and over again. Lately the internet has grown to become a valuable medium for marketing.

 Internet has a contemporary feel to it. Not surprisingly, the net has now become an integral part of the youth culture. Whether it is online games, blogs, websites or social networking sites, the youth have always experimented and sworn by it.

 During the past few years, E-Commerce has also grown tremendously. This trend is a natural extension of the growth of the net. The consumer has shown confidence to use the net to purchase items. The net now commands more than 30 percent of the total revenue streams of many Small and Medium scale firms here in India. There are certain industries which have faired well because of the young profile of the users. They are namely electronic gadgets, fashion - apparel as well as custom made accessories, books music and so on.

I haven't met any one youngster who doesn't catch the news on the net. Reading the old newspaper is according to them is passé. Due to the same a major of the revenue is invested in the online business category. This segment of the population which is in the age bracket of 18 to 30 years is the avid user category of services on the net.
This kind of trend is mainly backed up by brick and mortar establishments which instill confidence among the consumers to buy through the net. The companies have a well defined support system for their customers in case of any discrepancy or problem.

Companies today have many options to choose from in terms of logistics ranging from hiring intermediaries or managing directly for their internet options. One hindrance in this is that of the Last Mile Problem. The Last Mile problem does increase the cost of executing the order which might in turn affect revenue in the long run.

But as a whole the net has indeed grown leaps and bounds and it will play an increasingly important role in any business sector in the coming times.