Colour Dynamics in Retail Environment

Written by: Nithin Narayanan

Colours play a vital role in the shopping ambience that the customer experiences. The very customer who enters a store does not realize that the colour schemes that he/she observes, influences their shopping decision. Many studies have been conducted about the consumer perception of various colour schemes. 
The one common fact that is seen in the findings of these studies is that the emotions that these colours trigger are purely captivated in our subconscious mind and in turn results in influencing our everyday decisions. 
There has been a sort of colour revolution in the past twenty years. One crucial aspect of colour is to get the schemes and the harmony right, from the very start. 
However it must be kept in mind that colour is also a vehicle of expression of cultural attributes.In other words each colour depicts different things in different cultures. For instances in order to create the mood for festivals, the in-store communication uses such colours as-
  • Black and orange for Halloween
  • Red and pink - Valentine's Day
  • Red and green for Christmas.
A lay man would not be aware of the meticulous planning that goes in every aspect of store design and how it communicates aloud to the people who embark on the so called retail therapy on a regular basis. Our try is to make you aware of the little nuances that take place in the market place so that you could notice and admire the creativity that makes business interesting.