Store Layout in Retail

- Written by Nithin Narayanan

Store layout is the term used to refer the interiors and the allocation or the plan in which the products are displayed in the store .It is quite imperative for the retailers to understand the customer and prepare a customer friendly layout. 

A customer friendly layout gives an impetus to the shopper to spend more time in the store hence increasing the chances of shoppers buying more merchandise. In the case of India many of the independent retailers do not have or have limited spaces for customer movement. Specially in smaller stores, one would find cash counter located at the store entrance. This treatment is common with so called 'Kinara Stores'. 

But on the other hand, many organized retailers provide adequate space within the store for shoppers and create layouts that facilitates a definite pattern of customer traffic .In other words, the layout creates 'Aisles' so that the shopper can move on a predefined path inside the store. 

Layout planning caters to decisions about nature of traffic flow, kinds of product, space available and maintenance of the space on a daily basis. 

Store layout is one of the many facets of Retail Atmospherics and it is significant as it plays a part in the cost incurred by the retail firm and also the general brand communication of the store.