Retail atmosphere and space management

Written by Nithin Narayanan

Previously I wrote about Store layout. Store Layout is one of the facets of Retail Atmosphere. Atmosphere and retail space management are significant to any organized or for that matter even unorganized retail firms.

Atmosphere is referred to a store's physical attributes which is the key factor in order to draw customers. It is also important in creating a brand positioning for the outlet. The quality of the service experience for the customer , is a major factor in positioning the brand in the minds of the visitors of the store. As one of the customers of the local grocery store puts it when asked about the reason why he frequents the particular store he answered and I quote "A pleasant experience is the ultimate memory".
These words above correctly depict the significance of the small scale retailers in the lives of the people. This relationship between the customer and the retailer is the USP of the small scale shop owners. And this is exactly what the organized players lack.
But the organized retailer compensates the same by providing more facilities to the customer under one roof. For instance big retailers often have a large display area, thus creating an atmosphere where the customer is comfortable in selecting or evaluating the goods they wish to buy.
Atmospherics and space management are effective tools in managing any retail business. It is now that Visual merchandising has come to the forefront. Surprisingly in India Raymond was the first retail fashion chain which took 'Atmospherics' seriously. And today many other retailers are following the path of Visual and Display creativity to differentiate themselves from their competition and this trend is here to stay for a long time.