AD 2000

The German pressure vessel association published a regulation conform to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC called AD 2000.

In general the harmonized European Standard DIN EN 13445 can be used for unfired pressure vessels. The final release of this standard is implemented since May 2002 Designing according to this standard is an advantage if you have customers all over Europe.

What are the advantages of the AD 2000?

  • Germany has the largest market in the EU.
  • The German Regulations are accepted by most of the European neighbors.
  • The German regulations are the "toughest" in Europe, an approval according the German Pressure Vessel.
  • Code will be the base for a future EU-Approval.
  • Evidence for the delivery ability of quality products Marketing effect with TUV-certificate.
  • Listed on VdTUV-Merkblatt1253.
  • Documentation of material test in accordance with the standard.
- Contributed by Vaibhav Agarwal