Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the fastest method of advertising ever to hit the public internet. In its basic form, search engine marketing is having a website designed to be attractive to search engines, enabling the site to receive high rankings on the search pages. Those who extensively search the internet for products or information are well aware that most users rarely go beyond the first two or three pages and a iste not listed there is often considered to be lost in oblivion.
There are numerous companies offering to enhance websites for better placement on search engines, and those advertisements guaranteeing to get your site listed on the first page on any of the major search engines should probably be deleted without spending the time it takes to read through them. There are many factors involved with a search engine determining a pages placement and those factors are known only but a handful of people who operate the engine, and the details are not only kept secret, they change often.
When search engines began selling keywords and placing paid advertisers for space on the first couple pages of results, complaints quickly followed of the ones with money were being given preferential treatment and once the Federal Trade Commission got involved, those who accept payment for the first page ads, have to disclose that fact to visitors.
Search engine marketing can be a breakthrough for even the lesser known websites, provided they understand for what the search engines are looking. For example, in the early days of website, meta tags in the header of a website were one of the key items engines looked at when searches were conducted. People quickly learned to manipulate the system by supply keywords in their tags that had no relativity to their sites. This pushed them higher on the engine results page, but lower on the customer satisfaction scale.
Quality content and quality incoming links are two of the major factors that help a search engine determine the quality and reputation of any given website. New algorithms, changed frequently, helps level the playing field between big business and the little guy, by having search criteria the same for all sites. Each site meeting the criteria has the opportunity to experience a high page ranking, without paying for advertising or inclusion on specific search pages.
Search engine marketing can be a boon to smaller companies and if they build their own website, they can hire a company to help optimize it for the search engines, or by visiting the search engines, can obtain the information they look at and how to set up your site on your own, to make it more attractive.
Companies that offer a guarantee should be claiming they can promise your site will be more attractive, increasing its chances of moving up on the list. Unless they own the engine and have control over the requirements to be listed, they cannot fulfill any such promise.