Best ways to find new buyers

One of the best way to get more buyers is from search engine like yahoo, google ,dogpile, clicksor and msn live.
It is called pay per click advertising, mean you pay per click, usually a couple cents per click. It is a great form of advertising, because it is so simple and you have a great control over your ad campaign and you also receive better feed back on your performance.
The beauty of PPC advertising is the speed at which you can reach your target market and the high quality of sales leads that can be generated.
The ad campaign can start as low as $5 For example, if you are an exporter of 470 mls refined corn oil, your ad should be something like this.
We export refined corn oil in 470mls bottles ,our prices are very competitive please visit our website for more information.
The search engine will ask you to enter keywords, so that potential buyers can find your website easily.
Examples of keywords for your your ads will be, refined corn oil, low price corn oil, high quality corn oil, ect, ect .
To increase your chance to get more buyers it important that you do market research.